As most of you know, the Mainliner Club sponsors events for the benefit of Mainliner Club members, and their immediate family members. Not the general public.  If you are a single Mainliner Club member, you may bring 1  guest at the Mainliner Member price.
What isn’t clear to some members, however, is why non-members must pay more than members to attend Mainliner Club events Often employees ask Mainliner Club directors to sell tickets to events for non-members at the member price. This is usually for neighborhood children, school groups, church groups etc. The people who make these requests probably think that the Mainliner Club negotiated a fantastic rate, and additional people don’t cost the club anything. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. For most Mainliner Club events, the Club contributes money for every member ticket purchased. This is in addition to any group discount. So, if employees buy member tickets for anyone other than their immediate families, this directly depletes the funds the Club has available to sponsor additional events for its members. We ask that you honor this policy so that we can sponsor all your favorite events. Group rate is different, in that the Mainliner Club has obtained a bulk of tickets at a modest discount. This is passed on to the members as well as non-members, with no subsidy being offered by the Mainliner Club.      
    Some of you might not realize that you can obtain Mainliner Club "Associate" memberships for your former dependents. This entitles them to all Mainliner Club events and discounts. All that is needed is a letter to Mainliner club "Membership" DENJA or the president stating the associate’s relationship to a current Mainliner Club member, and the $8.00 yearly fee.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please don’t hesitate to contact the President, or either Mainliner Club store, or your director. 

    Thanks for your cooperation...... 
United Express carriers can join the club as an associate member……

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